a helicopter. This was probably origi-nally a children's version of the longer word, reinforced by the sound and scy-thing action of the rotor blades. It was adopted by adults in World War II.
a customised motorcycle, usually one having high ape-hangers and lengthened front forks, as ridden by Hell's Angels. It is derived from 'chopped hog' or chopped (meaning cut down, altered). Nowadays it is often shortened to chop.
a young person's tricycle or bicycle designed and manufactured to look like a customised motorcycle, that is with a large back wheel and long front forks. From the 1970s when such bikes became popular.
the penis. A working-class vul-garism dating from at least the 1940s and still heard.
a machine gun. Although this use of the word is familiar to many people through films and crime fiction, it has been obsolete in spontaneous speech since before World War II.

Contemporary slang . 2014.

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